Our Process

Our process is designed to help define what is important to you and your family, prioritize what you want to accomplish and then create an action plan in order to achieve your personalized goals. Our ongoing review meetings and phone calls help in monitoring your progress to ensure you stay on course.


1. Discovery and Goal Setting
We start by getting to know you. It is important to fully understand what you are looking for in a relationship with a financial advisory team and what are you are trying to accomplish. During this process we establish goals.


2. Analyze Financial Standing
During this step, our team considers all aspects of your personal situation and will work on developing strategies that will allow you to meet your goals. Common services included in this phase include Social Security maximization, pension payout analysis, individualized investment strategies, cash flow analysis, etc.

3. Development and Presentation of Financial Plan
We offer both in-person and online plan presentations. This is a fully-interactive process where we work on fine-tuning the details within the plan and also have the option to look at alternative scenarios. This can help answer the questions like 'How much do I need to retire' or 'Can we really afford that vacation home we've been dreaming about?'


4. Implementation
Once we have determined an appropriate recommendation from the financial plan, our team will act as your guide in making any necessary changes to put the action plan into place.


5. Review and Monitor
We review your plan at least annually with you to ensure we are accounting for any changes in your personal situation and to ensure we are still on course to meet your goals as financial markets fluctuate.